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Jun Curry Ahn, is a Korean-American musician, YouTube video producer and member of BgA. He is a classically trained violinist who is known for his 2012 violin and dance cover performance of Psy’s Gangnam Style on his YouTube channel and other K-pop and pop music covers.

Grazy Grace

Grace who had attracted a lot of love and interest and let her name known with her unequaled concept and unique rap talent after the release of ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’ and single album “Halloween Day”. Escaping form existing conventionality, she is capable of both singing and rap as an unequaled female solo artist.


Beginning production in December 2014, Koreos is a UCLA-based K-Pop dance cover team made up of members who each bring their own diverse and unique flavors. Koreos unites these flavorful individuals under one family who, with their passions for K-Pop and dance, create dance covers and compete in cover dance festivals to share their love with fellow K-Pop fans around world.


Smyang Piano is the name of a channel on the video website ‘YouTube’. Based in Canada, Smyang Piano uploads piano covers of various Korean Pop songs, most of which have accompanying tutorials/sheet music so others can learn them.

Megan Lee

Megan Lee is a Korean-American singer-songwriter and actress best known for her role as Sun Hi Song on Make It Pop and her singing talents on YouTube. Lead of Nickelodeon’s “Make It Pop” and the cast in Korean show “The Great Birth.” Singer songwriter with 263K Youtube subscribers. Megan Lee is currently a member of XO-IQ, featured in the Nickelodeon series Make It Pop.

MC: Danny Lim

Danny Lim is a Korean American actor/MC known for hosting numerous K-pop events and fanmeet tours in the US. He has worked with artists such as GOT7, KARD, DAY6, SF9 and hosted KCON and MAMA 2017 Red Carpet. Danny also appeared in videos for Buzzfeed, Dingo, and BgA – “Who’s it gonna be.”